Translated into Dutch by Karin
Dank je, Karin

Translated into French by Manou
Merci, Manou
Material HERE

Outside Filters Used
Flaming Pear-Flexify2

Put the 20/20 mask in your Mask Folder

1. New Image 1000x750-Select All
Open the background-Copy
Back to Image-Paste into Selection
Select None

2. Effecs-Image Effects-Seamless Tiling

3. Duplicate
Image-Mirror-Mirror Vertical
Set this layer to 'Hard Light' and Opacity to 65
Merge Down

4. Duplicate
Effects-Flaming Pear-Flexify2

5. Back to the original background
Layers-Load/Save Mask
Choose the 20/20 Mask-Ok
Merge Group

6. Resize once to 50% and once to 45%-all layers checked

7. Back to Image-Paste as New Layer
Close off the Bottom Raster Layer 1
Back to top layer
Place the girl inside the ball
Merge Down
Resize once to 50% and once to 70%-all layers UNchecked
Close this layer off for now

8. Back to the bottom Layer 1

9. Open the Masked girl again-Copy
Paste as New Layer
Resize 120%-all layers Unchecked
Place her to the right

10. Open the top layer again
Move it to the left
I resized it again 85%
Set this Layer to 'Screen'

11. Duplicate
Resize 55%
Move it a bit to the middle
Set Opacity to 85

12. Duplicate
Resize 55%
Place it as shown

13. Image-Add Borders 5 Black

14. Edit-Copy
Image-Add Borders 50 White
Click inside the white border with Magic Wand-Feather Nil
Paste into Selection

15. Adjust-Blur-Caussian Blur

16. Effects-AAA Fotoframe
Select None

Add your watermark and save as .JPG

A beautiful version by Claire Chaboud (talonaiguille)


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