Translated into French by Manou
Merci, Manou
Translated into Dutch by Karin,
Dank je, Karin

Material HERE

Outside Plugins Used
Murameister-Perspective Tiling
Simple-Centre Tile

Open the background, lady tube and decos
Put the Gradient into your Gradient Folder

1. New Image 1024x750
Select All

2. Open the fractal background-Copy
Back to Image-Paste into Selection
Select None

3. Effects-Reflection Effects-Rotating Mirror

4. Image-Mirror-Mirror Vertical

5. Effects-Murameister-Tone

6. Duplicate
Effects-Murameister-Perspective Tiling

7. With Magic Wand-Feather 40
Click inside the empty space and press delete 3 times
Select None

8. Back to Raster 1
Effects-Geometric Effects-Spherize

9. Effects-Simple-Centre Tile

10. Open the Lady Tube-Copy
Back to Image-Paste as New Layer
Move her up a bit
If you like, you can leave her as is or
Adjust-One Step Phote Fix as I did

11. Drop Shadow

12. Open the Glass Bowl-Copy
Back to Image
Go to the Top-Copy of Raster 1-Paste as New Layer
Resize 75% Twice
Move it as Shown
Same Drop Shadow

13. Set your foreground to Gradient
Background to #04090c

14. Image-Add Borders 5-Background #04090c
Image-Add Borders 10-White
With the Magic Wand-Feather Nil
Click inside the white border
Fill with the Gradient
Select None
Image-Add Borders 5-Background

15. Open the Candle-Copy
Back to Image-Paste as New Layer
Resize 85% 
Place it bottom left
Same Drop Shadow
Image-Mirror-Mirror Horizontal
Same Drop Shadow
Merge All

Add your watermark and save as .JPG

A beautiful version by Manou


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