On Golden Pond

 Translated into French by Manou
Merci, Manou
Translated into Dutch by Karin
Dank je, Karin

Material HERE
All Images AI generated by me
Feel free to use them
No © needed!
Of course no selling :-D

Outside Plugins Used
AAA Texture Frame

Here is a site where you can get some filters
Please note: I have put a lot of filters in Filters Unlimited
Like VM, Filter Factory, Background Designers, Simple, Toadies etc.
So, if you don't have them in there, your result might be different

All Images AI created by me
Except the Mask

Put the Gradient into your Gradient Folder

Open your Material

Set your Foreground to Gradient

1. New Image 1024x750
Select All

2. Open the background-Copy
Back to Image-Paste into Selection
Select None

3. Effects-Reflection Effects-Rotating Mirror

4. New Raster Layer
Fill with the Gradient

5. Layers-New Mask Layer-From Image
Merge Group

6. Duplicate
Merge Down
Set this layer to 'Hard Light'

7. Open the Earth Lily-Copy
Back to Image-Paste as New Layer
Resize 75%
Place it in the middle

8. Effects-User Defined Filter-Emboss3

9. Drop Shadow

10. Open the Waternymph-Copy
Back to Image-Paste as New Layer
Resize 50%
Place her on the Waterlily, as shown

11. Open the small Waterlily-Copy
Back to Image-Paste as New Layer
Place it to the bottom left
Same Drop Shadow

12. Image-Add Borders 5-Black
Image-Add Borders 50-White

13. With the Magic Wand-Feather 5
Click inside the white border
Fill with the Gradient
Keep Selected

14. Effects-AAA Frames-Texture Frame-Default
Select None

15. Open the small Waterlily again-Copy
Back to Image-Paste as New Layer
Place it to the bottom right
Same Drop Shadow

Add your Watermark and save as .JPG

A beautiful version by Claire Chaboud


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